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If you want a succulent with healthy roots and a stunning natural design (who doesn't?), Then you'll want to water deeply before giving the soil time to dry out. Avoid frequent little sips of water, and instead give your succulent fewer, longer waterings when the soil is dry.

Website:  https://www.succulentsgreener.com

If your Succulent is in a container with good drainage, set it in a tray of water for about five minutes. If it's in the ground or a large container, water at the soil line rather than overhead. Whatever you do, never let your Succulent sit in waterlogged soil!

Succulents types: peperomia graveolens | mother of thousands | portulacaria afra | variegated string-of hearts | gymnocalycium mihanovichii | echeveria elegans | crassula capitella | euphoria lactea cristata | thimble cactus | crassula ovata | sedum adolphii | sedum rubrotinctum | aloe aristata | aeonium kiwi | adromischus cristatus







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