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Meta Mate’s strength lies in the ancient knowledge from the Guarani Nation joined by scientific research to provide the best mate possible considering the environment and consumer’s needs. Meta Mate is 100% from old-growth trees dried traditionally by small farmers or industrially. We are only brand offering Fresh & Wild Mate on the market.

We aim to offer the best mate for you. For that we carry out field research as well as conduct studies in universities and labs that enable us to offer first-hand and tailor-made advice regarding mate for consumers and business partners. We consider both the individual request of consumers as well as environmental and economical issues to ensure the best mate possible.

Not all Meta Mate products are certified, but all of them go beyond Bio and Fair trade standards regarding the quality and the environment.  So we created the Fair Trust concept to promote transparency and the development of state of art business practices. Just as Mate is about sharing and unifying we care to mirror this in the quality of our business Model.

Über 2000 Menschen haben sich bereits an der Fairmondo-Genossenschaft beteiligt.
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