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Amazing Types of ESA Cat Breeds - 2021 Guide



The much needed comfort and company in this era is limited in availability. People are extremely busy fulfilling their ESA Letter desires and in this process, they tend to forget taking time out for their personal comfort and entertainment. 



After deciding to keep a cat as an emotional support animal, people are often confused about the right choice of breed. In this article, characteristics of 5 feline breeds will be presented. Remember to clutch on a pillow because these furry babies will surely melt your heart!

Maine Coon

Good-natured. Fluffy. Social

What else do you want except for a munchkin baby feline Maine Coon! 

These cats love to follow people and their own handlers wherever they go. These are prominent among cat breeds for being larger in size and they have long fluffy hair which makes them prominent. They demonstrate a willingness to play with even those humans who are strangers to emotional support animal letter them! For this very reason, Maine Coons are compared with dogs. 


Anyone who has a general anxiety disorder can benefit from these cats. Maine Coons can easily help people to come out of their shells and be cheerful.


Want a cozy hug? 

Get a Maine Coon. 



Gentle. Sociable. Affectionate without demanding. Confident. Aware. Beautiful. 

Having an intense level devotion to their owners, ragdolls can make perfect companion animals. Ragdolls have amazing blue eyes which can captivate any human. This cat breed comes in several colors and appearances. These are highly smart cats and they love to play fetch like dogs. If you ever try a nice game of kibble hockey with these babies, you would know that these are extremely good at these as well!

Über 2000 Menschen haben sich bereits an der Fairmondo-Genossenschaft beteiligt.