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If these walls could talk

Elaine Greene (Editor): If these walls could talk - Essays (englischsprachige Ausgabe)

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>Our brick house, built around 1940 in the William and Mary style, generously wrapped itself around our lives, < writes Starr Collins Osborne. More than a structure that shelters us from the elements, a home is an integral part of our lives. It's a place offering the promise of a new beginning when we first move in; that awakens with the sound of children's laughter when we inhabit its rooms; and the symbol of our past.

Our homes become central characters in our lives, nearly as important as family and friends. And if these walls could talk, what a story they would tell! That's the premise behind this collection of personal essays by many award-winning authorss, writing on the meaning of home.

>Thoughts of Home< was developed in 1991 as a monthly column in >House Beautiful<. Its vision was to feature essays that were literary explorations of the emotional impact our homes and surroundings have on our everyday lives. Rather than focus on decorating, architecture, and gardening. >Thoughts of Home< explores the essence of shelter, family, and homeland. >Thoughts of Home< became the magazine's most talked-about und widely read feature, the one tens of thousands of readers turned to first. >If These Walls Could Talk< is the second compilation of these essays that have the form, texture, and effect of fiction.

Each essay pays tribute to what makes a house a home.





- Edna O'Brien: The Blessed Paradox

- Elaine Greene: The House I Mean to Haunt

- Stacy Schiff: The 49th Parallel

- Michael Pye: The Smell of Mint

- Frances Kogen: >Got a House, a Showplace<

- Joseph Giovannini: The Company of Raptors



- Hope Cooke: Belongings

- Cynthia Anderson: A Room at the Inn

- Roberta Brown Root: Birth Mother

- Starr Collins Osborne: Solid Gold

- Sharon White: Eldor's Hut

- Steve Elliott: Watching the Longhaired Fawn

- Ann Pringle-Harris: >Femme Seules< (Women Alone)

- Kelly Caldwell: Garret Girl



- Philomena C.Friedman: The Uses of Adversity

- Aleida Almendares de Villalba: The House of the Weeping Woman

- Dale Mackenzie Brown: Who Loved Aunt Ella?

- Lucinda Paris: Reunion



- Suzannah Lessard: The Luxury of Order

- Antonia Stearns: The Children's War

- Theresa Wendel: Things That Count

- Judith Bell Ungar: If These Walls Could Talk

- Perdita Buchan: Waiting for the War to End

- A.M.Homes: My Grandmother's Table

- Rick Bass: Montana December

- Marybeth Lambe: Runaways



- Michele Bender: 819 Gaffield Place

- Christopher Buckley: Foggy Bottom Blues

- David Lansing: Father's Treehouse

- Patrick Dunne: Furnishing School

- Betsy Brown: Seeking Our Fortunes

- Lisa Jennifer Selzman: Sabbatical Houses

- Sally Ryder Brady: Seeing It Through



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Hearst Books, New York, 2004, 248 Seiten, 510 g


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